Real Talk: Bugle discusses career and dating


August 04, 2016
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Bugle discusses career and dating

Hello my Real Talk family. This week I wrap things up with Bugle. This was truly an insightful interview. Bugle answered questions on dating and music.

Renee: Are you a traditional dater or a Netflix and Chill kind of person?

Bugle: There are certain things that I'm traditional with. I deal with the mama and papa thing so to speak. Straight forward. Again, you done know, we're in the 20th century, man no really open door for women again. If it is on the first or second date when you just a look a girl and a try impress her, but after that, she have to start open the door. Where I am concerned, my relationship is an old relationship, so to speak, because the relationship that I am in I have a three year old son in it so the door opening and dem things deh nuh too gwaan.

Renee: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date?

Bugle: My greatest accomplishment to date, other than my kids, is to actually own my studio as an artiste. I think that's one of the greatest accomplishments anyone could achieve. As a youth growing up in Jamaica and being around the world, I see artiste after artiste, rich today and bruk tomorrow, and nuh own nothing other than a vehicle, which is not an asset but a liability. My studio is a proper proper state of the art studio. I don't see anything else to top that as my achievement. No matter how many hit songs I make, I could have the biggest cars and everything, but the fact that I can help some youths, bring dem inna me studio and record and send out dem song and help them to feed their families, that surpass a lot of things.

Renee: Are you comfortable with where you are in your career?

Bugle: I'm good. Me a one a dem youth deh weh nuh run dung nothing. I know there's a lot I should be getting that I'm not getting. A so it go. When you talk the truth too truthful them try to push you to the side, but does it really matter? Sometimes me think bout it, but 99 per cent of the times, it doesn't matter. The little position that I get as an artiste, I've made great use of it. I'm comfortable, greater things a go happen. We just gwaan work hard and pray.

Renee: Who are you listening to now?

Bugle: Right now, me a listen me new rhythm weh me just put out. It has different, different artistes because it is a juggling. It name 'Kick Off'. It have people like Mad Cobra, Busy Signal, Assassin, Sizzla, Popcaan, Mr Easy, Tarrus Riley, Samboni, Dean Loyal, Kibaki, Tifa, Craigy T from T.O.K. I really don't want to forget anybody, but that is what I'm actually listening to now. I'm not only listening to the words, I'm listening to the whole production, the way it mix, how the vocals move. I'm just listening to the whole production. I really don't have the time to listen to anything else right now. I can correct whatever is there to be corrected.

This is where I say peace out! Enjoy the rest of the week and always remember to keep it real.

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