Testimony : 'God continues to bless me'

September 03, 2016
George Henry Genieve Manning

It is always a good thing to put God first in all decisions, especially those that will affect us for the rest of our lives. Genieve Manning of the Living Water Community Apostolic Church at Four Paths in Clarendon identifies with this statement.

Manning, who has been serving God for the past 17 years, told THE STAR's Testimony that she was married but had a hard time during her matrimonial life.

"I was married and was in a situation where my marriage was not going anywhere. I had a husband who was cheating here, there and everywhere; and I always asked God to help me so that I could find somebody or make him (husband) come along with me, but God did not see it that way," noted Manning.

She shared that she was at church worshipping one day while her pastor was preaching. She pointed out that he preached and asked worshippers to cast their net on the other side. This, she said, she interpreted to mean that her pastor was saying that they should turn around their prayers.

"When I started to pray and said 'move him (husband) out of my life I saw where God was moving us, lifting us; and when it finally happened, I realised that all along while I was praying, I was praying for the wrong thing, because my marriage was not ordained by God. When God joins two persons together, as long as it is God's will, He will keep them together. But as long as it is not His will, you will have to part," testified Manning.

The young churchwoman confessed that she did not listen to the Lord and went ahead and got married, hence the myriad of problems she encountered in her marriage.

"Now I am free, free, thank God I am free; and I have been free for two years. I have seen my life turning around. Even my ex-husband said that I would suffer, but God just continues to bless me. I have seen the blessings continually, even in my children's life. In my own life it is like the blessings of God just keep rolling over and over," testified Manning.

She added that it is amazing what God has been doing in her life since she received her 'victory'. This, she noted, has encouraged her to want to keep closer to her Maker. She said her own desire now is to stay with God no matter what. Because it does not matter how many challenges she has to face, God will bring her through.

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