Testimony : God sent me here to do His work

September 10, 2016
George Henry Bishop Robert Wayne Lee

Being saved is not enough when persons surrender their life to the Lord. The Bible tells us that whenever the children of God get saved, signs should follow them. This means that persons should see changes in a positive way in the life of the believers.

Well, Bishop Robert Wayne Lee of the Living Water Community Apostolic Church at Four Paths in Clarendon is one of many individuals who think that this should always be the case. Lee testified that he is happy to report that God saved him 33 years ago, and he is thankful.

"I give God thanks for this day because I got saved from in the 1980s and I am still holding on to God. I grew up in the church. I was first a brother and then I moved up the ranks to an evangelist, from an evangelist to an assistant pastor, from an assistant pastor to a reverend, and from a reverend to the post I now have as a bishop," said Lee.

He shared that the hands of the Lord have been upon his life ever since he surrendered to the one who created him. This, he said, is so because signs have been following him as a true believer of God. Lee, like other Christians, believes that there should be some growth in a Christian's life.

"Truly, God has been doing great things in my life and in my ministry. I must say that the Lord has been using me. He has sent me to be here (Four Paths). I was born in Kingston and God has sent me down here to do a job," testified the church bishop.

He shared that he has been serving in his current capacity since 2007 and he has proof that God has been using him to do great things where He has placed him in Clarendon. For this, the church leader said he gives God thanks.

"To God be the glory. I could not have done it without God. He has allowed signs to follow me; signs which tell that there is growth taking place. He has been really good to me. In my ministry, I have witnessed persons coming from near and far; even from overseas to witness the work of the Lord," noted Bishop Lee.

The church leader testified that he has witnessed blinded eyes open, crippled persons walk, dumb speak, deaf hear, as well as witnessing many other miracles under his ministry. He added that his desire is to continue serving God because He has chosen him and placed him where he is currently, to do a work for Him.

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