Testimony : 'I have enough to give God thanks for'

October 01, 2016
Keironne Campbell

There are many persons who are of the belief that God is not blessing them if He does not provide material things for them. Well, Keironne Campbell is certainly not one such individual. Campbell, like many Christians, is of the view that to be alive is a blessing.

He testified that the Lord has provided him with many blessings, including allowing him to be around his Christian grandmother from age 10, so that she could teach him how to give God thanks for all His benefits towards him.

"She taught me how to give God thanks. The Lord has given me a good job; He has given me some wonderful co-workers and a host of benefits. So I have enough to give God thanks for," testified Campbell, who currently serves the Jamaica Constabulary Force as a schools resource officer.

Campbell, who is a member of the Cedar Valley Four Square Christian Fellowship Church at Cave Valley in St Ann, and who currently heads the music department at that church, shared that God has also elevated him to serve as president of the youth group at his church.


Sanctified olive


He recalled some years ago being ill with bumps on his skin; and despite visiting the doctor and getting treatment, the bumps failed to go away. "I had the bumps for over six months and the doctors could not help. Doctor gave me a white lotion which was of no use; but one day my grandmother brought me to church and a group of persons prayed for me. I was also given some sanctified olive oil to drink after I was prayed for. I slept well that night; and within three days all the bumps disappeared," testified Campbell.

He shared that he thought that the illness would reappear while he was attending the Police Training School at Twickenham Park in Spanish Town, St Catherine, some years ago, because some of his training activities took place in bushes.

Campbell noted that in adding to the blessings mentioned, God has blessed him with a great father who is also a police officer, as well as a wonderful grandmother. God, he said, has allowed him to win the award for being Top Cop for Manchester in 2015.

The young policeman, who has been saved for seven years, said God has also allowed him to serve as chaplain while he was attending training school. Campbell bragged that his fellow trainees saw in him what he saw in himself before he started his training to become a policeman.

"I saw myself as a force chaplain before I went to the training school; and while I was there my colleagues saw the potential in me and voted for me to serve in the capacity. The vote was 50 to two in my favour. They saw in me something good. The Bible says 'by their fruits you shall know them'. The Christianity was seen in me and so persons decided to vote for me, so that I could have served in the capacity as chaplain," noted the young churchman, who said he is also a musician and a singer.

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