Testimony : 'God has been good to me'

October 08, 2016
Milbert Miller

"No matter how things appear to be difficult, the Lord will always make a way for His people."

That's the testimony of Milbert Miller of the Siloh Seventh-day Adventist Church in St Elizabeth. The veteran, who has been in his church for more than 20 years, said he has faced many challenges, but God has seen him through all of them.

He testified that he has experienced blessings in abundance from God, and that his entire journey in life has been led by his Maker.

"When I left high school, I decided that I wanted to get into college. However, in my mind, I knew that it would have been a challenge. My parents were unable to fund my tuition at college, forcing me to find another way out. I had to seek employment at the Appleton Estates in St Elizabeth," said Miller.

He attended an interview and was asked if he was willing to work on Saturdays. He shared that he emphatically said he would not do that because he deserved to go to church and worship.




"That was on the only basis upon which I was not offered the job. I was not discouraged, because I felt that I did the right thing. In October of 1993, I got a call from my vice-principal asking me if I wanted to work in the science lab at the Maggotty High School, since I was a good science student. I started working as a lab technician. At the end of seven months, a former teacher of mine at the school told me he was going on eight months' leave, and he wanted me to take control of his class over the period," recalled Miller.

He testified that he took up the challenge, applied for the job and was successful. He started teaching electrical installation and did so for one year.

"While I was there teaching, a good friend of mine said to me that there was a scholarship available [and I should] apply for [it]. He told me that the principal had the contact. I then went to the principal and did my enquiry. I was asked by him if I wanted to try, and I answered in the affirmative," said Miller.




The church elder noted that he filled out an application form and the rest is history. He was successful in applying for the scholarship in 1995 under a USAID scholarship pro-gramme. He then went on to Kentucky State University in the United States.

"I went there free of cost. I never paid any tuition; my airfare was free; I lived free; everything was taken care of for me for the two years I spent there. When I completed my first semester, I got straight As. My grade point average (GPA) was 4.0, and throughout the first year, I did very well," testified Miller.

"I went through the semester and I got one B. I just praised the Lord for that. So God has been really good to me. Had I taken that job at Appleton, I would not have been so blessed. God has been really good to me.

"I returned to Maggotty and taught there for 15 of the most successful years of my life, while teaching electrical installation. Throughout my life as an educator, God has been really good to me," Miller said.

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