Modern day Santa Claus - US-based trucker happy to deliver gifts


December 21, 2016
Contributed Greg McDowall
Contributed Greg McDowall snapped this photo on the road while making his deliveries.

If your Christmas packaged has just been delivered from the United States, it could very well be that a Jamaican trucker assisted in the process of getting it here.

Greg McDowall, a Jamaica who has been living in the United States for nearly a decade, noted that truckers are important in ensuring persons are able to get many items which they purchase online.

all weather

These truckers, he said, work long hours, and are on the road day and night, working all weather conditions, doing the job of a modern day Santa Claus.

"It is a very demanding job all year, but at Christmas time it is busier because all the companies- from shoes, clothing, food, cars, tool, anything you can think of - they ship more than ever for Christmas," McDowall said.

The young trucker's Jamaican roots are planted in Easington, St Thomas, but he lives in Decatur, Alabama.

"I have been in the US all most 10 years now, and I have never been able to spend a Christmas in Jamaica. I do miss it a little, especially with the weather. It is now snowing," McDowall told THE STAR from a truck stop where he had pulled up to rest after a long drive.

leads to smile

He told THE STAR that with Christmas in the air, he feels fulfilled doing a job which he knows leads to smile on people's faces. In addition, McDowall said that being a trucker exposes him to some of the most breathtaking scenery as he is able to observe exquisite lighting arrangements of various forms and colours as he goes about delivering truckloads of packages in time for Christmas.

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