STAR of the Month : Devin di Dakta shares political aspirations

February 14, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Gordon House, seat of the Houses of Parliament


A performing artiste's career can be a long one, if they keep putting out material and there's still a demand for their past stuff.

But not all have a plan for if and when the career comes to an end.

For STAR of the Month, Devin Di Dakta however, musical notoriety is not the only path to success that he intends to pursue.

Demonstrating a competitive spirit, and sounding highly motivated, the artiste revealed the desire to become a constituency representative.

"Mi aguh do politics when mi ol', still," Devin told THE STAR. "I want to be a politician. Dr Morais Guy mi seh," he said, referring to the opposition spokesperson for foreign investment and trade, who is also the current member of parliament for Central St Mary.


Lifetime goal


"Mi aguh run fi Central St. Mary. Dat ah di lifetime goal," he said. "Mi tink 'bout everyting, mi juss nuh wah talk 'bout politics," he said. "Yah guh lose PNP and yah guh lose JLP fans; mi want all a dem pan my side. Mi nuh like talk 'bout politics, but yeah, mi aguh do it."

Whether he makes it into Gordon House or not, one contest Devin didn't win was the reggae Grammy award on Sunday night.

But even before the 59th annual awards ceremony, Devin told THE STAR that he already considered himself a winner.

"If dem doe call mi name, mi still win. From the morning mi get the call, mi win innuh," Devin said.

The first-time nominee did not take the golden gramophone home, as the award went to Ziggy Marley, for his self-titled album.

Maintaining a positive and opportunistic outlook, Devin said that the experience would be a great reward, as he would be positioned to interact with music industry greats.

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