Vicky - MoBay’s unofficial ‘go to’ woman

May 16, 2017

If you live in Montego Bay and you are badly in need of an important document, and the official channels are not opening up quickly enough, the best option is usually to turn to Vicky.

“People come to me because they know I can get things done,” said Vicky, whose given name is Merlene Lewin.

“I know a lot of important people and I use that knowledge to help other people.”

“I am a born a Bay… This is my town...everybody knows me,” said Vicky. “I know where to look and who to go to when I need something to be done.”

Vicky is usually quite inform on most matters and is able to hold her own in just about any discussions.


Additionally, she is never reluctant to speak her mind. She prides herself in the fact that she is able to rub shoulders with influential Montegonians such as judges, lawyers, senior police personnel, bankers, businessmen, politicians and even pastors. 

“I know my way around this town,” said Vicky, in a matter of fact tone.

“When I want to get things done, I know who to go to... If I don’t know the right people, I always know somebody who knows them.”

Vicky credits her persuasive skills, sharp wits, confidence and street intelligence on the fact that she got a good education and has had the experience of travelling overseas.

“I attended three primary schools and two prominent high schools in Wolmer’s Girls and St. Hilda’s," said Vicky.

“I use to work in the tourism industry and through the contacts I made I got to visit several countries, especially in Europe.

However, while she enjoyed her travels, there is no place to Vicky like her beloved Montego Bay.

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