Gospel Spotlight : Dayle T enrols in school to advance career

June 16, 2017
Dayle T
Dayle T

His primary income comes from the Government. For his day job, Dayle T is a public servant.

While admirable, his true aspiration is to hone his talent just enough to spread the gospel far and wide. In addition to his full-time occupation, the gospel artiste went back to school to learn more about the music industry.

Last year, THE WEEKEND STAR featured Dayle T, who had only officially released three songs I Really Love You, Draw Me Close To You and Call On Jesus. Since then, the artiste sought to increase his knowledge of the music industry by enrolling in the Masters in Residence programme designed by FiWi Jamaica, offered through the University of Technology, Jamaica.

Dayle T said the programme had various classes in social intervention from a musical standpoint.

"Four sets of people come together performers, songwriters, engineers and managers," he said. "I took part in the performers section of it. We did stage craft, diction, vocal exercises. We got help with putting together bios, and just being better performers of music."

He continued: "We went through some classes where we try to be different, addressing the branding of the music locally and how it is affecting the acceptance of music worldwide. That was the main aim of the programme, trying to rebrand."




To carve out his space on the gospel stage, Dayle T has taken his time, leaning into the learning curve.

"I've been doing a couple of shows, not as much as I would have wanted. I stayed behind the scenes a bit, trying to get my music to a level where I want to put it out," he said. "What people lack is making connections with people in media and in music. To be successful, you need connections with those people. I wouldn't say I've made enough, but sufficient enough to move forward," Dayle T said.

Now, Dayle T is preparing for the launch of his debut six-track EP called Awesome, which he believes will make a good impact when it is released.

"Awesome is the title of one of the tracks. I used the word 'awesome' because of how I feel about the songs and the positive energy I want to put across in the EP," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Dayle T will host the official launch of Awesome on July 28 at Old Harbour New Testament Church in St Catherine, where he also serves as a praise and worship leader, and occasionally as a minister.

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