Life and Times: Love at first sight

August 19, 2017
Apostle Dr. O'Meal O. Reid kisses his wife, Erica.
Mr and Mrs Reid on their honeymoon.

It was love at first sight for God's Prophet to the nations, author, gospel recording artiste, songwriter and itinerary speaker, Dr O'Meal O. Reid, who tied the knot with the love of his life, Erica, at the Artisan Park in Celebration, Florida, in July.

As mentioned in the Book of Proverbs 18:20, Reid told Life and Times that he who finds a true and faithful wife, finds a good thing, and obtains favour and approval from the Lord.

O'Meal Reid shared that he met his wife at one of his prophetic revivals, which was being held in her (Erica's) hometown in Rochester, New York.

"Her friend at the time invited her to the revival, and I saw her sitting in the back by herself. It was quite funny, because she later told me that she needed a word from the Lord at that time, and purposely sat in the back saying to herself, 'If the prophet has a word for me, then he will come to me.' So that was how it all started. We now know that God not only had a word for her, He also had a husband for her," bragged Reid.




Reid added that it was love at first sight for him. And the love grew even more when Erica did a promotional video for one of his newly released praise and worship albums titled From Fight to Favor.

"When she sent it to me for review and approval, the more I watched her talking about me in the video, her enthusiasm and passion brought me to the realisation of the deep love I felt for her," he said.

That led him to ask Erica to marry him. He shared that it did not take long for him to ask for her hand in marriage, and he proposed to her birthday July 22.

"I asked her to marry me on her birthday. I set it up to the extent that she was surprised. We ended up going on a boat ride, and I planned it with the captain of the boat for him to stop the boat in the middle of the water. There were about 20 witnesses or so. The captain made an announcement that O'Meal has something to say to Erica. Upon him stopping the boat, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me," he said.

The pastor pointed out that her reaction was priceless. He explained that Erica put her hand over her mouth and said, 'Yes!' with a smile, and tears in her eyes. He then put the ring on her finger and hugged her while all the people surrounded them, clapped and cheered on.

"We got married on a beautiful outside lawn of green grass surrounded by palm trees and natural, beautiful flowers. The wedding was attended by a host of handpicked close family members and friends by invitation only," said the newly married young pastor.

Reverend Doctor Eugene Kendrick from the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Florida was the marriage officery.

Reid, who has had several revival meetings in Jamaica and other parts of the world, told Life and Times that he feels complete, happy and loved by his wife.

Erica Reid said she feels very honoured to be O'Meal Reid's wife. She added that she is blessed and totally complete, and she is also looking forward to having children with her husband.


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