STAR of the Month: Marlon Samuels shows off his closet

February 27, 2019
Samuels shows off his favourite pair of shoes, red Versace Versus.
Marlon Samuels shows off pieces from his closet during a tour of his home.
Marlon Samuels

Forget the kitchen and million-dollar views, and you will find that the best room in Marlon Samuels’ house is the most private.

No, it is not the bedroom; it is actually the air-conditioned walk-in closet that holds all his prized possessions.

The walk to the closet takes us through the master bedroom and into a king-sized bathroom. Samuels says: “It [the bathroom] is actually where the closet starts.”

Suitcases, rows of shoe boxes containing designer shoes, and a few pieces of clothing on hangers lining the walkway were cues that the closet was just a few steps away.

But positive messages that decorate the walls first meet the eye; ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ stand out, in bold letters over the jacuzzi.

“It was important for me to have quotes and little symbols of good energy around the house, especially in my personal space to feel inspired,” Samuels told THE STAR of why he chose the words from 1st Corinthians.

There is no missing the Icon logo either, the stickers on the doors and walls that actually play some sort of incomprehensible source of motivation.



He quickly turns the attention to a pair of never-worn Christian Louboutin bedazzled shoes, that could easily be his favourite next to the red Versace Versus shoes which he says are limited edition.

Finally, the closet door is opened and yet more suitcases (most unzipped) with clothes scattered about are on the floor.

The arrangement of warm cherry and oak-stained drawers and shelving provides ample storage and display for Samuels’ shoe collection, which includes more than 30 pairs of sneakers and probably an equal number of dress shoes as well as a few timepieces.

All the clutter aside, there are organised racks of jackets and shirts, noticeably some patterns are repeated three times.

The Blessings A Flow artiste explains: “Any shirt my tailor makes for me, he normally makes three, one for my son, one for my father, and the third for me. And persons will find that there are a lot of suits or jackets. I am a lover of suits.”

And he takes great care of the suits. They are the main reason for the air conditioning unit inside the roughly 100 square foot closet.

“A designer/tailor once told me that there are certain fabrics, like cashmere, leather and suede that cannot take the humid temperatures and to maintain them, an A/C unit would be best in warm weather Jamaica,” he said.

Next to shoes, the sports-entertainment figure boasts a wide cologne collection but as with many other preferences, he chooses the scents that are created by the Italian luxury brand, Versace.

He shows off the diverse Versace bathrobes he holds in his collection just before ending the tour, “Closet wouldn’t be complete without these [the bathrobes].”


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