Jobs & Careers: 21-year-old creates own organic hair product

November 21, 2019
Shannae James at a pop-up shop earlier this month.
Shannae James with her flaxseed and aloe vera hair gel.
hae Made Organics, created by Shannae James.
Flaxseed and Aloevera hair gel created by Shannae James.

Deeply fascinated with beauty practices, Shannae James decided to transform that fascination into a self-run business.

James, 21, began running her own business ‘Shae Made Organics’ in March.

The final year tourism student at the Excelsior Community College told THE STAR that she makes an organic hair product.

“My product is the ‘Flaxseed and Aloevera Hairgel’. What it does is it enhances curls and gives your hair volume. In regards to the processes, my brand is all organic. So no chemicals are used during the making of my products,” she said. “What really influenced my decision to venture off into this type of business is my love and passion for maintaining and promoting good health and beauty practices,” she said.

Along with being the face of the business, James bears all roles and responsibilities.

“I make the product myself, by boiling the ingredients and adding organic preservatives and organic essential oils. I dabble in graphic designing, so I design everything from my logo to my labels. Everything pertaining to the business is done by me,” she added.

While the Spanish Town resident believes that the business has been profitable, she thinks it has the potential to do more.

Potential customers

“It is to my understanding that in the initial stages of a business product life cycle, you’re not really in it to make a profit at first. So right now, it’s mainly about sensitising customers and potential customers about my brand,” she said.

As with any business, a specific market has to be considered, and James has found hers.

“My market is anyone with natural hair and right now, I see it’s trending for people to have curly hair. So that’s what people are going crazy for, whatever the age, generation or gender,” he said.

The entrepreneur employs various strategies to promote her business, including social media.

“I run ads on Instagram and I post about Shae Made organics on Twitter to sensitise people. There’s also WhatsApp, so I send out broadcast messages when there’s a sale or special going on,” she said.

She says she also participates in pop-up shops in an attempt to reach a wider audience.

“When I see people on the road, I’ll give them my business card. I see them with natural hair and I tell them to visit my business page, so they can make inquiries and purchase my products, she said.


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