Car washers needed

March 03, 2016

Are you seeking a job? Maybe you can try being a car wash attendant. THE STAR, in its Jobs and Careers section this week sought to match employers to those looking for jobs.

After searching the Gleaner Classifieds for job postings, our news team caught up with a 30-year-old proprietor of a Kingston-based car wash, who called for 'car wash workers' with '3-5 years work experience'.

Taking pride in the job will be sure to produce quality results, resulting in customer satisfaction. Any car wash attendant would know that the meticulous scrubbing, washing, and the occasional waxing and polishing of any vehicle can be a tall order.

The proprietor, who opted to remain unnamed, told THE STAR that his business, Parma Distributors, doesn't only operate a car wash, but also specialises in the sale of household chemicals sold in bulk among other similar items.

"We are looking for persons with experience," he began. "The candidates will be detailing cars, doing undercarriage washes, and engine washes."

The tasks of a car wash attendant may include, but are not limited to: the vacuuming of carpets and car seats, thoroughly cleaning door trims and hinges, and, of course, washing and perhaps occasionally polishing a vehicle's exterior, adding a little tyre shine to boot for that refined look.

The proprietor is now tasked with looking for two candidates who enjoy practical work, has a great eye for details, and someone who is physically fit between 18 and 40.

As far as qualifications go, it does not appear that persons need to posses any particular certification, as long as the desired experience target is met.

Interested persons may contact the business at (876) 779-7225 for further information.

Car wash vacancies for March 2016.

Kingston-based car wash

• Looking for a "sexy brown barmaid" who will be paid $15,000 weekly.

Contact (876) 388-8034 for further information.

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