Applying own makeup lead to career path

March 31, 2016
Contributed Samique Mason
Contributed Samique Mason

Founder of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, was quoted saying, "I love the confidence that make-up gives me." It therefore appears that similar circumstances may have led to Samique Mason, 20, becoming a freelance make-up artist.

She told THE STAR that confidently applying the facial commodity to her own skin, and the reaction from persons she came across gave her the drive to seek a career in the industry.

Mason said: "I use to do my own make-up and everywhere I go people ask me where I got it done and gave me compliments about it. I was driven to go to school and become certified."

She then got enrolled in the Heart College of Beauty Services in January 2015 and was successful in a nine-month course.

lunch money

The former Oberlin High School student said that start-up was not easy.

"I actually used the lunch money that mommy gave me. Everyday I went to school, I took free lunch, save the lunch money, and buy one product each day," she recalled.

The ambitious make-up artist says she looks up to others in the industry and mentioned locally 'Kym Make Up', whom she follows on Instagram, and Chicago-based 'Roll Model'.

Mason recounts her most memorable experience: "I went to a Bijoux hair show and Stacious (dancehall artiste) saw my make-up and because she loved it, she couldn't find me and searched all over the place until she did. She presented me with a pack of the latest hair on the market at the time."

When asked if she would recommend others to get involved in the make-up industry she said yes, however, she had a word of advice. "It's competitive but once you love it, you will find your way. If you don't have a passion, let it stay," Mason said.

She said like other things in life, limitations do arise. Mason said: "I just got started so clientele is hard to get, however, most of my clients are from the Kingston and Portmore areas." Mason is located in Portmore Pines and can be reached at 873-0465 or via WhatsApp 909-4362.

Interested persons can view aspects of her work on her social media handles, Famii Mua (Facebook) @famii_mua (Instagram and Twitter)

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