Mali’ Robinson: A pacesetter in the graphics industry

August 11, 2016
Contributed Graphic artist Maurice 'Mali' Robinson stands infront his masterpiece logo for the 2014 Boys and Girls Champs at the National Stadium.

Popular graphic artist/designer Maurice 'Mali' Robinson boasts that he 'prints on anything' a client desires.

Widely known for his sense of art, Robinson is a pace-setter in an industry that calls on you to re-invent oneself to stay ahead of the game for survival.

"Once it involves print, I bring it to life. I can print on anything", said Mali.

Mali told THE STAR that he began designing at Oberlin High School in St Andrew.

"That was when I found out I was good with my hands. Before computer, we use to draw and paint and create images. If those using computer today ever have a breakdown, they wouldn't't have a clue," he told THE STAR.

He later honed his skills at Edna Manley College for the Visual and Performing Arts and soon joined the league of the big artists.

"My mentor, when I began doing posters and flyers was Horseman. Nobody nuh top it like Horseman," Mali said who operates from his home located on Airy Castle Road, St. Andrew.

"I use to work for people and I took the knowledge and made it work for me. For example I learnt about T-shirts when I use to work for Sun Island", He said.

He told THE STAR that he has been around for quite some time and has clients far and wide, ranging from the small man to entrepreneurs.

"All types of parties I have done work for. One person will put you on to another person and build the clientele. I work for people in the garrisons, churches and internationally. People I don't known personally, get my contact, call me and email their ideas and pay through western union," Mali told THE STAR.

Some of his most popular works have come through clients such as Reggae Sunsplash, Chug It, French Connection, Up to Di Line and Spectrum.

When asked about his most memorable job, Mali responded: "Painting the logo for Boys and Girls Champs inside the National Stadium on the grass."

The owners of a small business, Mali has been able to create jobs for others and teach others his craft.

"I employ people, not as staff per say but they work for me now and then depending on the job. Most of them eventually make a trade from it because they catch on. Its an income generator for some as well because I cant take on the workload all by myself."

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