Third consecutive working Christmas no sweat for guard

December 22, 2016
Contributed It's another Christmas on the job for security guard Opal Cockburn

Christmas is three days away, and while most persons will be with their families enjoying all the festivities, there are some Jamaicans whose services require them to be elsewhere, away from such happenings.

One such individual, Opal Cockburn, a security guard with the Guardsman Group, will be spending her third consecutive Christmas Day on the job.

She told THE STAR that when others are busy slicing hams and putting cakes in the oven for Christmas, working in her capacity has become a norm.

"I'm single. I don't have any of my children around me so I will work. This year will be my third straight Christmas," Cockburn said.

She is attached to a leading university and told THE STAR what the atmosphere is like working on Christmas Day.

"It's very relaxed. Students have gone home and the place is closed and nobody really coming in. You still have to look out because you don't know what can happen when the place is quiet," Cockburn said.

When asked if it was the bonus (double pay) that attracted her to be willing to work on Christmas Day, she said it was not necessarily so.

"We get double time like any other holiday. It's the only little incentive we get because we don't really have anything else getting," she added.

Cockburn also made it clear she does not hold a grudge against those who will be at home preparing and slicing hams.

"I'm not jealous of it (ham eating) because I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and I don't eat pork. I have never seen my parents cook pork and give me," she joked.

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