Lose weight and keep your curves!


June 06, 2016

A vast amount of women, particularly those with an Afro-Caribbean ethnic background, fear losing their curves whenever they commit to a weight-loss journey.

From many years of working as a personal trainer, when you sit with potential clients to assess their goals, the trend is most women from the above mentioned background repeatedly request a flat stomach, toned arms, high and firm butt.

As most fitness professionals will realise, it is a very difficult task to lose weight in specific areas only. In fact, this is almost impossible, because how the body stores fat is strongly linked to the way in which someone's body creates hormones, and that is based upon how they eat, exercise and sleep.

On the other hand, we can target, through resistance training, which areas of the body we want to build muscle.

To get a toned appearance, lifting weights is crucial. The muscles of the butt are anatomically known as the gluteus. More specifically, the gluteus max, gluteus min and gluteus med. There are various exercises you can do to train these muscles, one of the most effective is the hip thrust exercise. You can use this exercise to build and shape the butt muscles.

To lose weight, doing some form of cardiovascular training is important. However, long-distance running is not the way forwards as this can go against muscle building. The better option would be shorter and explosive running, like 30-second sprints. This is better for building muscle and burning fat.

To know more specifics on achieving these goals, seek advice from a qualified personal trainer or check out www.sprytraining.com

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