The importance of flexibility training


June 13, 2016

Flexibility training is often neglected because it doesn't normally bring quick measurable results, however, it is crucial for the reduction of injuries.

When muscle is cold it is normally in a shortened state, which causes it to be less reactive. Good flexibility is needed for us to do daily tasks with ease, like getting out of bed, tying our shoe lace, or standing up with good posture.

Many of us exercise without correctly warming up and stretching in order to perform properly and complete the exercise injury free. One way of maintaining flexibility is by doing regular stretching.

There are different forms of stretching one can do. Static stretching that can be done to all major muscle groups of our body. This can be done by holding a muscle in an extended state for a short duration of about 10 seconds, for example, in standing position, bend your knee while holding onto your foot with one hand and bringing it in contact with your gluteus (butt). This stretches your quadriceps (front of your leg).

Another form of stretching can be dynamic stretching. This is done in movement, for example, stretching out a certain muscle by consistently moving through the full range of motion.

Another form of stretching is progressive stretching. This is done by holding a stretch at a certain range for a short duration, like 10 seconds, then increasing the range for another small duration, and so on.

Some other forms of flexible training include yoga and foam rolling. To find out more, log on to

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