Foota defends 'alien' picture

October 06, 2015
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Foota defends

'alien' picture

Selector says he is not crazy


STAR Writer

Popular dancehall selector Foota Hype has been the subject of much ridicule, with some even questioning his sanity after his recent social media posts proclaiming the existence of extra terrestrial beings.

In the most recent instance, the controversial selector posted an image on Instagram last Saturday showing what seems to be a cloud formation resembling a spacecraft that he says was spotted in Montego Bay, St James.

"This is for all u brainwashed, no knowledge, stupid fools, who ready to talk s... about mi because I spoke of aliens and other beings coming to earth and living among us. This was yesterday in Mobay in plain sight y'all better wake the f... up," his caption said.

former girlfriend

The post has left many questioning Foota Hype's sanity, with some even theorising that his break-up with former girlfriend, Ishawna, has rendered him crazy.

"Him lose Ishawna good good and now him a mad," one person said.

"Foota be careful, it's time to see your doctor. I think another stroke coming on," another said.

Despite the criticisms, the father of two told THE STAR he is not fazed.

"I'm OK with them saying I'm crazy. Look at all the great scientists and the great people before, people said they were crazy," he said.

Foota was also adamant that people who criticised him are speaking out of ignorance.

"It's not a myth...It's all out there on Google, but these people don't read. If you ever want to hide the truth from black people, put it in a book," he said.

Last month, Foota Hype suffered a minor stroke, which he blamed on demonic forces.

He said he has since recovered about 98 per cent, noting that his mouth is still slightly twisted.

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