Elderly man dies in Clarendon

October 27, 2015

The decomposing body of 71-year-old farmer, Wilford 'Brother Chi Chi' Grant, was discovered at the weekend in Mocho, Clarendon, by a passer-by, who alerted the police.

After preliminary investigation, the police have theorised that the elderly man likely fell down the steep embankment on the abandoned bauxite haul road while on his way home last Wednesday night.

A detective constable based at the Mocho Police Station, said after the farmer fell, it is likely the fall rendered him unconscious and due to the high bushes in the area, he wasn't discovered until Sunday. However, no foul pay is suspected.

Grant's death has, however, ignited a firestorm of criticism from the community, especially from the Mocho Citizen Association, who said they warned the bauxite company that the road-way can be dangerous, especially to children.

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