More killing in Clarendon

November 06, 2015

The unrelenting Clarendon murder rampage continues with Wednesday night's killing of a man in Sandy Bay, May Pen.

Police say Oshane 'Little' Fowler, 20, from Inverness in Sandy Bay, went to a nearby shop and on his way home, gunmen pounded and shot him to death.

The police, who have since opened an investigation into the shooting, say while they are unable to establish a clear motive, they can confirm that based on preliminary investigation, the youngster was killed sometime after 7 p.m.

nearby shop

"We know that he was asked to get an item at the nearby shop, and, on his way home, he was attacked by gunmen," an investigator told The Star. "And while we can't say at this time what is the motive for his demise, the police have already commenced an investigation into this matter, and hopefully we will make a breakthrough soon."

trivial matters

Marcia West, a photographer ,who described herself as a special friend of the now deceased, says the killing of Fowler, one half of identical twins, has plunged his family in mourning.

She said Fowler was a well loved, jovial and friendly young man, who may have been killed for purely trivial matters.

"Nobody know why Oshane was killed, but this is Sandy Bay, people will kill you for anything ... your personality, your good looks, your clothes, just about any trivial thing," West said.

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