Man destroys washing machine after break-up

November 11, 2015

A man accused of destroying a washing machine belonging to his ex-girlfriend, pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Lorenzo Curate will return for sentencing on December 2.

According to police reports, Curate and the female complainant broke up in June of this year. A decision was made for the accused to move out of the house they shared.

Curate allegedly agreed to move out, but things turned sour when the division of items in the house became an issue.

The female complainant claimed the washing machine was bought by her during the relationship, but Curate insisted on receiving it during their split.

According to police reports, the female complainant would not comply with the accused's wish, and an argument took place. Curate's ex-girlfriend said she returned from work one evening and saw the tubes inside the machine completely severed.

The accused claimed responsibility. his actions were reported to the police. Curate will return to court for sentencing. he was also ordered to carry money to replace the washing machine he had destroyed.

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