Gunman posts brazen video - Threatens alleged rapist online with weapon in hand

November 20, 2015

Police have launched an investigation and are attempting to locate a gunman, who posted an online video of himself brandishing a handgun.

In the 52-second clip, the shirtless gunman is seen in a partially lit room with half his face hidden by shadows as he threatens a man charged last week, after positing what many considered to be a rape video on Facebook.

He is heard delivering an expletive-laced rant directed at the alleged rapist.

Like many others, the gunman expressed disgust at the man for seemingly forcing himself on the woman, and attempting to shame her by posting the video online.

"How you fi rape di likkle girl ... How you fi diss di likkle girl dem way deh, you ago get gunshot inna you p**** h***," the gunman said.

He also added, "Me woulda love fi ketch you fi kill you p**** h***", while pointing the gun towards the camera.

The accused rapist at whom the death threats are directed was charged with rape and forcible abduction.

Senior Superintendent Clinton Laing of the Criminal Investigation Bureau said the police are aware of the video and are conducting investigations.

"On the conclusion of our investigations, we will be consulting with the director of public persecution to seek advice on how to deal with the matter," Laing said.

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