Woman gyrates on cat in dance

December 01, 2015

A woman seen in a video gyrating on a cat at a party could face charges under the Cruelty to Animals Act if the relevant authorities have their way.

According to the police and an official from the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(JSPCA), the woman should be punished for her actions.

In a video that went viral this weekend on social media with approximately 19,000 views on one page, the woman is seen with the cat in the air dancing to Razor B's Up in Deh.

After spinning around with the cat, the patron then placed the cat on the ground and used the cat to rub against her genital area, while she danced enthusiastically to the

blaring song.

Managing Director at the JSPCA, Pamela Lawson, told THE STAR that based on the woman's actions, there is the possibility that she could face criminal charges.

"Although she did not beat the animal in the video, she could be charged under the Cruelty Against Animals Act," she noted.




A concerned Lawson added that if charges are laid against the woman in the video it would be up to the interpretation of the law by the magistrate and police personnel involved in the matter.

"This woman's action means there are no boundaries, that means beastiality will become acceptable in Jamaica after a time," added Lawson.

A police officer who spoke with THE STAR also concurred with Lawson about the possibility of charges being laid based on the video.

"There are charges that could be laid because that is clear cruelty to animals," said the officer.

Facebook users bashed the patron for gyrating on the animal and using it as a prop at the party.

"Ppl are getting more and more stupid," said one user. Another called for the woman to be arrested, "They should lock u up for animal cruelty..smh."

Another user expressed concern about the woman's action with the cat in private.

"I wonder what else she doing with the cat when she not on the camera," said the user.

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