Six church members injured in accident

January 11, 2016

Six members of the Sandy Bay Baptist Church were left hospitalised after an accident in the 19 Miles area of Clarendon on Friday night.

According to a police report, the six members were travelling from May Pen in a twin cab Toyota Hilux pickup, when a taxi cab slammed into it injuring the six.

"From our investigation, the pickup was heading in an easterly direction from May Pen when a taxi cab ran into the back of the pickup, sending the unit into the ditch minutes to 7 last night," a traffic cop at the May Pen Police Station told The Star. "The injured were rushed to the May Pen Hospital, where they were admitted in serious but stable condition."


divulge information


When The Star news team visited the hospital, doctors were somewhat reluctant to divulge information on the severity of the injuries.

However, church members who rushed to the scene said the driver and a young girl were seriously injured.

"All of them are injured. We get the call about 7 and when we rushed out there they were already transported to the hospital, so we came down here," Shana Wallace, a sister of one of the injured, said.

Andrea Smith, a member of the church, told The Star that on receiving the news, the congregants said a prayer and rushed to the hospital.

"We were all in church when we get the message, so we uttered a prayer and make our way here," Smith said.

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