January 23, 2016

A man, who begged the court to pardon his wrongdoing because he is HIV positive and is suffering from prostate cancer, was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment for stealing rum from a popular supermarket.

Charged with simply larceny is Lennox Guy. He pleaded guilty to the offence and begged the court for leniency.

The court was told that Guy entered the supermarket and stole seven bottles of J Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum valued at $9,400.

Guy said, "Your Honour, mi nuh have nobody, and the centre only help me with clothes."

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey asked Guy, "How many times have you gotten into trouble?"

"Six times, Your Honour," said Guy.

RM Pusey then asked, "How much time did you get for your last offence?"

Guy told the court that he served one year.

"Do 18 months this time, and I will tell them to look after you and provide medication," said RM Pusey.

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