February 06, 2016

An alleged homosexual cop, who is facing buggery charges, sent May Pen in mayhem yesterday in his bid to avoid arrest. After injuring several of his colleagues and lengthy chase, he was persuaded not to jump from the Rio Minho Bridge.

A colleague of the offending police corporal told THE STAR that the cop is being investigated by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and a ruling had been handed down for his arrest, so he was taken to the station to be arrested and charged yesterday morning.

However, things did not go as smoothly as planned. During his arrest, he pulled a knife and inflicted several stab wounds to himself before leading a chase to the nearby Rio Minho Bridge. After a long stand-off, he was persuaded not to kill himself.

"He turned the weapon on himself, inflicting several stab wounds to his upper body, before rushing to the bridge to jump off," an investigator, who asked to remain anonymous, explained to THE STAR.

Commanding officer at the Clarendon Police Division, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fitz Bailey, in confirming the incident, said, "I can confirm the incident and that he (corporal) is under investigation by the DPP," Bailey said.

When pressed further, he told THE STAR that the injured cop is now hospitalised in serious but stable condition at the May Pen Hospital.

According to reports reaching THE STAR, the policeman was allegedly caught on tape having sex with a male. It is said that the tape was posted on a number of social media websites before falling in the hands of the DPP.

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