Clarendon police warn political supporters

February 12, 2016

With the February 25 General Election a mere 14 days away, head of the Clarendon police division, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fitz Bailey, is warning again that the police will take a zero tolerance approach to breaches of the law.

Speaking at yesterday morning's political code of conduct signing ceremony in May Pen, Clarendon, Bailey complained that he has been getting reports from the hospitals and the courts about certain behaviours in the lead up to the election.

He noted that, from his own observation, there is a general disregard for the Road Traffic Act, with supporters of both political parties engaging in dangerous and reckless driving.

Bailey also beseeched the eight of 12 Clarendon candidates, who signed the code of conduct, to appeal to their supporters to respect the property of their opponents.




"We see buses transporting supporters of both political parties (and) breaching almost every element of the road's traffic act, and I have advised my officers to take a zero-tolerance approach to this sort of behaviour," he said.

He warned that, "It (driving) is dangerous. I have seen persons protruding from the vehicles on Nomination Day."

"I have also received reports of damaging of billboards, posters, etc. I am gonna ask again that the political representatives speak to their supporters to respect the property of their opponents. It isn't good. Those are some of the things that can cause provocation of violence," Bailey said.

As it relates to the essential service centres, such as the courts and hospitals, he said the noise from the motorcades are affecting their ability to function. Therefore, he is advising the supporters of both political parties to respect these areas during their campaigning.

Bailey also implored the signees to coordinate their motorcade with the police, so that the security force can provide some form of security for their supporters.

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