Quick taxi ride for the world's fastest man

February 12, 2016

The world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, is this week thankful for a speedy cab ride that got him to Gatwick Airport in London, England, affording him the opportunity to catch a flight in time.

In video footage captured by the taxi driver in the matter, a thankful Bolt is seen commending the man for getting him to the airport right on time.

In the roughly 30-second tape, Bolt exemplifies brilliant Jamaican manners.

In it, Bolt began: "Yo, this is Usain Bolt. It's cold as hell outside. Metro cars got me here safe and sound. Appreciate it bruv. Metro cars, respect."

Bolt also spared a moment to pose with the cab driver for a selfie before boarding his flight.

He did not stop there, as he also called the cab company thanking them for the great service he was given.

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