Police, prisoners clash at May Pen lock-up

February 18, 2016

The May Pen Police Station was transformed into scenes similar to those that would be seen in the movie Jailbreak when police and prisoners clashed at the station yesterday.

Reports reaching THE STAR is that a number of prisoners allegedly tried to stage a daring midday jailbreak and the police had to take evasive action by firing tear gas and bullets to prevent prisoners from escaping from the May Pen lock-up.

An onlooker, who was at the station while the shocking incident unfolded, told THE STAR that she was among a group of persons doing election day-related training when loud noises were heard coming from downstairs the station.


She said when the trainees made enquirers about the unusually loud noises coming from downstairs, they were told that prisoners were banging the grills to get attention. However, the noises got louder and it became obvious that there was trouble.

"We were upstairs at the training when we hear this loud noise coming from downstairs, and when we look a pure police a run in the direction of the jail," Beverly Nelson told THE STAR, claiming that shots were later fired.

THE STAR was also reliably informed that a number of prisoners are now injured. However, it is still unclear how severe these injuries are or if anyone was killed in the riot.

Up to press time, a large crowd was still gathered at the station. Some of the onlookers also claimed that they had family members in the lock-up.

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