No suspect in 79-y-o man' killing

February 24, 2016

Police are yet to identify a suspect in connection with the killing of a 79-year-old returning resident who was robbed and shot after reaching home from the Norman Manley International Airport where he went to pick up a friend on Monday night.

The May Pen police is reporting that Beresford Shorter, from Omni Mews in the Hazard Drive area of May Pen, was alighting from his Blue Toyota Surf SUV when two men armed with guns, pounced on him and his visitor.

The police said that the men after assaulting the two, ransacked the van and shot Shorter to death before making their get-away on foot in the area.

"The incident supposedly took place after 7 according to the time we got the report. He (the decease) had just returned from the airport where he pick up a family friend and was getting out of the vehicle when the gunmen accosted them," a senior investigator at the May Pen CIB unit told The Star.


The police say they are urgently probing the attack and are hoping for an early breakthrough.

Anthony Coore, who described himself as a friend of the deceased man, said the country is being overrun by terrorists. He called on citizens to take a stand against criminals.

"I hope that no stone will be left unturned in finding these terrorists. And it is time that law-abiding Jamaicans take a stand and stop playing blind and dumb and tell the police what you know, because next time it could be you," Coore appealed.

Catherine Lewinson, a sister of the deceased man, informed The Star that Shorter had lived in England for most of his life, but had returned back home more than 20 years and settled in May Pen with his wife.

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