93-Year-Old Wants A JLP Government Before She Dies

February 25, 2016
93-year-old Ruby Ellis

When 93-year-old Ruby Ellis, of Valley Heights in Green Pond, St James, voted in the 2011 general elections, she told herself that it would be her last time voting.           
“In addition to my age, I am blind in both eyes and getting around is not easy,” Ellis told The Gleaner. “Me is a Labourite all my life. I love (Alexander) Bustamante and a love Edward Seaga and I always look forward to voting all my life.” Ellis said she lost her love for politics and decided that at her age it was time she gave up voting.

However, as the election campaign heated up in the past few weeks, Ellis began to feel the "Labourite fire" burning in her soul again and decided that she would go out and vote.

Seated in her wheelchair outside the Green Pond Primary School, Ellis stated, “I come out early and do my thing so I am happy, now all I want is victory for my party. I want to see at least one more Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government before I die.”

Ellis also had words of advice to young supporters of both the People's National Party (PNP) and JLP.  “I want this to be a peaceful election. I know the young people dem will get over excited at times but I want dem to be peaceful,” she urged.

“I love my labour party but, if we mash up the country, it is we same one have to build it back.”


PNP: Ashley-Ann Foster

JLP: Heroy Clarke 

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