Arthritis pains couldn't stop Altiman from voting

February 26, 2016
Ian Allen/Freelance Photographer Nothing could stop Altimond Lawes from casting his vote in Goshen, St Mary Western.

Arthritis pains could not stop a senior citizen from casting his vote for his candidate of choice yesterday in Goshen, St Mary.

Altiman Lawes lives in the St Mary western constituency, which was considered a battleground between Robert Montague and Jolyan Silvera. Although the elderly man had difficulty holding his breakfast plate and teacup, he said he had to cast his ballot.

"When mi a eat mi food it drop out of the plate and tea drop," he said

The claim was made while the senior stopped to catch his breath, while making his way from the Goshen Primary School where he voted earlier.

When asked why he chose to vote despite his condition, Lawes said, "Yuh see true mi do it all the while, mi decide fi come vote."

He told THE WEEKEND STAR he was voting for better roads and the representative who showed more love to seniors.

Lawes, who needed the assistance of nearby trees for support as his walking stick seemed inadequate, stressed that his community is in need of several things.

"We need water inna di area yah man. We want somebody weh look out fi wi, and can build up the community," he said.

"We want somebody weh come around, not only when dem win, but all when yuh have funerals."

Though he resides approximately 100 metres from the polling station, Lawes struggled to make it home and was eventually given a lift by another member of the community who had a vehicle.

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