March 03, 2016

A disabled senior is urging the public to be on the lookout for a man, who has allegedly used his illness to commit fraud.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the senior, 65-year-old Carlton Miller, who has an amputated leg and is also a patient at the eye clinic, had asked the man in question to pen a letter to the outgoing prime minister for financial assistance.

"I begged him to write a letter to the PM from October. From that time until now, I don't hear nothing. We met on the road and I asked him about the letter, and him cuss mi and ask if mi can't wait," Miller said.

He, however, got the shock of his life in January, when a woman presented a letter to Miller and told him that the man he asked for help was simply collecting money from different companies using his name.

"Mi see him and from mi say it to him, him start hide," Miller said.

A copy of the letter was presented to THE STAR.

being treated

An excerpt read, "Good Day, I am Carlton Miller and I am suffering from a physical challenge. My house was broken into while I was being treated at KPH to remove a section of my leg ... a prescription was given to me by KPH for a modular to be purchased for $135,000.00. I have no family and no one else to turn to for help ... I am therefore, asking for your assistance with food, clothes, money or any help that I can get."

However, Miller told THE STAR he never made such requests. He alleged that the man told persons that he is acting on Miller's behalf.

"I bought him stamp and envelope because I wanted the letter to the PM to be handwritten, but him get computer and type up and send out. I only beg him write a letter, I never know he would carry it this far," Miller said.

When asked if a report was made to the police, Miller said he visited the Hunts Bay Police Station last week to file a report, but a policewoman "at the front desk tell me say I will have to find someone who gave him money on my behalf before they can do something."

When THE STAR contacted the police our news team was told that no official report was made, however, they have knowledge of the situation because Miller did visit the station.

Only an address was given for the alleged fraudster, but when our news team made checks, we were told nobody by the name given was living at the location.

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