Man seeks $70,000 payback after 4 years

March 15, 2016

A man breathed a sigh of relief after the Sutton Street Resident Magistrate's (RM) Court made a formal order for him to receive payment from a man who borrowed $70,000 from him four years ago.

The plaintiff, Devon Clarke was elated after RM Opal Smith said the defendant, who was not in court, must repay Clarke plus costs.

The court was told that the sum of $70,000 was loaned to the defendant and a written agreement was drafted and signed by both parties.

Clarke told the court, "I lent him the money in 2012. He said he was having some difficulty, so we met on Half-Way Tree Road near Captain's Bakery and I gave him the money."

Since then, Clarke said he has been unsuccessful in getting the defendant to pay up, even after a verbal agreement was made for weekly payments.


The court was also told that the two agreed on interest, however, after nothing was forthcoming, Clarke said he indicated to the defendant to scrap the interest and focus on the initial loan amount.

"After one year pass and no payment, I told him to drop the interest and pay me back the $70,000," said Clarke.

He also told the court that he presented the summons to the defendant's mother in January of this year.

When asked by the clerk what he requested of the court, Clarke said, "I would like to get my money."

A formal order was made for the $70,000 to be repaid plus costs of $16.00.

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