Doctor to be repaid after four years

March 22, 2016

A medical doctor had a default judgement made in his favour in the Corporate Area Civil Division Court after a breach of contract from a 2011 agreement.

The plaintiff, Dr Lloyd Goldson, exited the court a happy man after Resident Magistrate Maxine Ellis concluded that the defendant in the matter, Devon Evans of North American Holdings Limited, should repay him $625,000, plus cost of $65,016.

The case surrounds a breach of contract in 2011 after an agreement for the construction of a window and a loan was reached. The court heard that Goldson and Evans entered into an agreement for an apartment window to be constructed for $250,000 and that Goldson, separate and apart from this construction payment, would loan $625,000 to Evans.

While on the stand giving his testimony, Goldson told the court that the contract was drafted on a cheque and provided the court with a copy. Goldson told the court that Evans was to repay him by the end of 2011. However, that was not done, and several demands for the outstanding money were not met.

The court was told that the window was installed, therefore Goldson would only be seeking the loan amount. Evans was not in court, however, according to Goldson, he was properly served a summons to attend the proceedings. Court documents show that a sergeant of police served him.

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