Couple murdered in Clarendon

March 23, 2016

With a new crime wave seeming to be sweeping over Clarendon, the police are now busy trying to solve the murder of a couple in Sandy Bay, May Pen, on Monday night.

Information about the incident is still sketchy, but the Clarendon police are still scouring the area for clues to solve these latest homicides.

However, a source told THE STAR that preliminary investigation is indicating that the assailants were after the couple's son, who is a witness in a robbery case before the courts.

The source said the son managed to escape when the attackers entered their home at Green Bottom, but his parents were not as lucky.

"The couple is likely to have been killed between 12:45 a.m. and 4 a.m. by men in search of their son. He managed to escape his assailants, but the parents didn't and both were shot and killed," a senior investigator told THE STAR.

The couple's murder, which is the sixth within the last two weeks, follows the shooting deaths of a club owner and a shoe vendor in May Pen in brazen circumstances recently.

Murderers also snuffed out the lives of a male in Frankfield and burned a grandmother to death in Chapelton late last week.

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