March 29, 2016
Tanto Blacks
Tanto Blacks

The iconic Mercedes Benz widely talked about and owned by dancehall artiste Tanto Blacks has been less than faithful to its driver after it broke down yesterday, much to the amusement of several persons who saw the vehicle on a wrecker.

Yesterday, Tanto Blacks' green vintage Mercedes Benz was spotted by passers-by on a wrecker in proximity to a checkpoint, executed by the police's Motorised Patrol Division (MPD) on Old Harbour Road in St Catherine, something the artiste said was purely coincidental.


However, the Real Rich artiste took the opportunity to clear the air after persons started speculating that his vehicle was repossessed by the police.

"A mi alternator start give me trouble," the artiste said, noting that the vehicle was not being driven by him at the time of the incident. "Me just call a wrecker and make sure say it sort out. Me did have to leave me brethren with the Benz because a three car mi have. Anything people say ... everybody know say mi rich, so me nuh mek that trouble me."

He added, "Me just give me brethren a 50 grand [to pay for the wrecker] because anything a anything. Me just a give thanks."


In the artiste's song, Real Rich, he is quoted as saying "Any weh me go, di girls dem love Tanto, whether the Benz, or the Jaguar, or the Volvo. Give me the money fast make me get it pronto."

The vehicle has also acquired its own popularity through a series of videos posted to social media sites by Tanto Blacks, and has received its fair share of respect by adoring fans by virtue of being a luxury brand.

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