Police probe May Pen murder

March 31, 2016

Homicide investigators attached to the May Pen Police Station are still trying to ascertain the identity of a man that was shot and killed in the vicinity of the clock in the town centre just after 4 a.m. yesterday morning.

According to a report from the police's Homicide Investigation Unit, loud explosions were heard in the vicinity of the town centre. When the police went to investigate, a male was found suffering from what appears to be gunshot wounds.

The injured man was rushed to the May Pen Hospital where he was pronounced dead by an on-duty doctor.

"We are still investigating this incident, and are yet to determine who the victim is at this time," an investigator based at the May Pen Police Station told THE STAR.

Yesterday's murder is the second such incident to occur in the vicinity of the clock within the past two weeks. It follows the brazen murder of 23-year-old Junior Lampard who was shot and killed mere metres from the location of yesterday's incident.

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