Police, ordinary Jamaicans to assist poor family

April 01, 2016
Kemeisha Butler

A police group and other ordinary Jamaican citizens have begun to answer the call for a family who is in dire need of assistance to bury their eight-year-old daughter.

Since THE STAR published the story 'Help Us Bury Our Child' on Wednesday, the reception from the public has been overwhelming.

Constable Ricardo McColpin and his colleagues from the Community Safety and Security Branch are organising a fund-raising effort to assist Neisha and Stephen Butler bury their daughter Kemeisha.

McColpin told THE WEEEKEND STAR: "We want to use our 'Fighting Crime with Rhymes' foundation to host the 'Help a Friend Charity Show' and raise some funds and donate everything to the family".

He said the aim of the foundation is to use music as a tool for social change.

"There are many variables that contribute to crime, and poverty is one such. When I heard the plight of the parents, I thought of the artistes in our movement that could come together and help the family," said McColpin.


The police also believe that their show of assistance will send a strong message to the public and get others involved.

McColpin said: "There should be nobody in the country suffering and can't get help ... we have reached out to some corporate sponsors to come on board as well."

A few Jamaicans, locally and overseas, have contacted the Butlers and The WEEKEND Star and pledged to donate to the funeral, which is scheduled for April 9.

The Butlers live in Hellshire, St Catherine, with their other two young children, ages two and six years.

Kemeisha Butler died at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on March 8. The cause of her death has not been established.

If you would like to assist the Butlers, contact them at 856-5255 or drop off contributions at The Gleaner, 7 North Street, c/o The Butlers.

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