Divas' fate to be known today

April 06, 2016
Yanique Barrett
Miss Kitty

Television Jamaica says it will be taking disciplinary action in response to the public spat on live television between judge Miss Kitty and host Yanique Barrett at last weekend's Magnum Kings and Queens show.
"A release that indicates what the action is will be sent out," Claire Grant, TVJ general manager, told The STAR last night. She said the announcement would be made today.
Sanjay Ramanand, one of the producers, said the disciplinary action "might help the show and help everyone pull up their socks."
"The disciplinary action won't affect the show in any major way. ... We have a great show with the talent and that's the meat of the show. I don't think it will affect it negatively," Sanjay said.
During last Saturday's live broadcast, Miss Kitty, who goes by the moniker 'Fluffy Diva', sought to dress down counterpart, Yanique, the 'Curvy Diva'.
"I just want to clear the air now because mi a real woman. Mi a real top gal a road so wi deal wid things directly. Some things have been said, and I just want to clear them up. You and I have no beef whatsoever. This manufactured beef is disingenuous, it is duplicitous, it doesn't exist. The manufactured feud that we have doesn't exist at all,"Kitty said.
Yanique fired back taking shots at the level of professionalism exhibited by Miss Kitty, stating, "We didn't have no beef but my thing is, so instead of coming on air, how about addressing me? "My dressing room is next to you, and it's been a while, so, therefore, you are doing it for the public. Kitty? Me this! Yanique. If we have an issue, you can come to my dressing room and say that,"she added.
Both women appear to be at odds over the use of the word diva.
"She's Fluffy Diva and I jumped on the whole thing as Curvy Diva. Maybe, honestly, I liked what she was doing and the flavour of it and since you came up with the name, I figured that we are all family, we should be good," Yanique said in an earlier interview.




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