No date for divas return' - Miss Kitty, Yanique suspended indefinitely

April 11, 2016
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty

No date for divas' return

- Miss Kitty, Yanique suspended indefinitely

Divas Miss Kitty and Yanique have been suspended indefinitely from the Magnum Kings and Queen of Danchall show.

The show's executive producer Mark Kenny, yesterday said he was unable to give The Star at timeline for the women's return to the show.

Kenny also denied reports that Miss Kitty and Yanique were given three and one-week suspensions respectively for their spat during the April 2 live show.

"We are still in discussion with them at this moment," Kenny said, explaining why a date for their return could not be given.

Beenie Man's new girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson hosted Saturday night's show in place of the suspended Yanique. Tomlinson is the host of Television Jamaica's (TVJ) E-Prime.

Pre-recorded apology

In place of Miss Kitty, dancehall artiste Pamputtae was announced as one of the judges and radio personality and producer DJ Sunshine was introduced as a guest judge.

Miss Kitty and Yanique delivered a pre-recorded apology that was aired at the start of Saturday's show. Efforts to speak with them proved futile yesterday.

THE STAR spoke to Kenny about certain comments which were posted on social media regarding the less than impressive show that was delivered in Miss Kitty and Yanique's absence and if the organisers would be taking such comments in consideration.

Kenny laughed the said, "Social media has its value to some and its of lesser value to others. They will be returning I am just not at liberty right now to say when."

Some comments on social media:

@RaymondPryce1: So all that #ManufacturedBeef wasted? #MKQ I think you guys lost out! This #BeefFree diet not meaty enough. Jus sayin

@Jontykush: This week show nuh have no curve star. Lol #mkq

@sexyslimmas: Weh Crystal a go??? #MKQ9

@Call_Me_Davi: Kmt I naa watch back magnum kings and queens!

@Jaba_99: Mi think Magnum Kings and Queens need some better judges...

@shamari151: The host on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall was borin' she didn't ave no spice or sass whatever.

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