Fire destroys 3-bedroom house

April 19, 2016
Horace Fisher A man looks at the burnt three-bedroom house following the fire yesterday.

Four people were left homeless yesterday after fire of unknown origin destroyed a three-bedroom dwelling house in Havannah Heights, May Pen, Clarendon.

The fire which began in the mid-afternoon quickly spread, engulfing the entire house preventing neighbours from salvaging anything.

"I was at work when I get a call from one of my neighbour, saying that a house was on fire down here, and same time I say, my God, I hope it's not mine and the phone went dead," Vivienne Burrell, who co-owns the ill-fated house with her husband told The Star. "So I said to myself, today isn't All Fool's Day so a must the truth, and when I get here, all I see is the police, firefighters and a large crowd…everything gone up in the fire," added Burrell who said she invested all her life-saving in her house.

Firefighters who estimated the house and contents to value approximately $15,000,000, said the dwelling was uninsured.

"We are still trying to determining the cause of the blaze, but we aren't ruling out anything, including arson," a fire investigator revealed.

Burrell also hinted that arsonists are likely culprits behind the blaze. "Where the firefighters and the police said the fire started, there isn't any electrical outlets in that area that could start the fire, somebody deliberately light it," she surmised.

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