Man blames police for missing job opportunity

April 20, 2016
Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer Orando Trusty

The man who begged the police to return his documents and give him a letter to take to the relevant authorities to be reissued with a passport is now in possession of such a letter, but he is still not pleased.

THE STAR understands that Orando Trusty missed out on a chance, once again, to travel to Barbados for a job opportunity on Monday.

The first time this occurred was in December 2013, when he was taken from an aircraft by local authorities during an investigation for a murder which he was subsequently charged for.

However, Trusty, 30, after almost two years in prison and court appearances, was freed of all charges in March and has since been pleading with the police to write a letter for him to take to Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA).

After admitting that Trusty's passport may have been misplaced during a recent relocation by the department, THE STAR gathered that a senior officer attached to the Major Investigation Task Force gave Trusty a letter to take to PICA only on Monday.


Now, Trusty says all is lost for the job opportunity in Barbados and the police still haven't taken full responsibility.

"Mi thank unuh (THE STAR) for weh unuh do and mek it reach here so. Mi haffi just hold on again till my time come again. They (the police) did not give me any money to carry through with the passport process and I am still without my birth certificate, TRN, national ID and even the plane fare, 'cause they took me from my flight," he said.

A senior official at the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) said Trusty could sue for damages, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution.

Our news team was also told that the OPD intends to give Trusty all the support he needs to get back his documents, as they believe the entire process has been a long haul for him.

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