Car wash attendant killed in Clarendon

April 21, 2016

The Clarendon police are reporting that a 27 year-old car-wash attendant was shot and killed in the Raymonds area of Hayes, Clarendon, a little after 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

According to police reports, Anthony Ferguson of Raymonds district in Hayes had just retired to his apartment when a loud explosion was heard. Residents then summoned the police, who found the deceased lying in a pool of blood in his home.

The police are now theorising that Ferguson was attacked by unknown assailant(s) armed with guns, who kicked down the door to his apartment before opening fire, killing him on the spot.

"So far, what we know is that the deceased is a car wash attendant who worked in the area and he was at home when he was attacked and killed," an investigator told The Star.


The cop also added that since the start of the year, the Hayes community has seen an upsurge in violence, with a number of persons being shot and killed in the area.

He theorised that each incident is usually followed by some sort of reprisal attack.

"It will get worse before it get better. It is an unending spiral of violence in Hayes," the cop warned.

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