Naked girl rescued from rapist - Assisted by residents who saw her along roadway

May 09, 2016

Naked girl rescued

from rapist

n Assisted by residents who saw her along roadway

A teen who was an apparent victim of a rape attempt was taken to the police after she was found naked along a roadway in Red Gal Ring, St Andrew, recently.

The Star understands that the girl, said to be 17, was seen beckoning to motorists and screaming for help along a roadway near the popular square about 11 p.m.

"Well, it would appear as if she was thrown from a vehicle because she had cuts and bruises, however, she said she ran from her attacker to the location. It strange how nobody saw her running on the busy road. We gave her a tablecloth to wrap herself," one witness told The Star.

Residents reportedly took the shaken teen to the scene of her rape attempt in a bid to retrieve her clothes and cell phone.

"She told us her attacker hit her head against stones, and she asked us to take her to the spot where she was allegedly assaulted. She said her clothes and phone were in the bushes. She directed us to the spot near the St Judes Church cemetery, but we didn't see anything so we took her to the Stony Hill police," said the witness.

THE STAR gathered that the teen is from Kellits in Clarendon, however, she told the persons who assisted her that she was staying with her family in Golden Spring, St Andrew.

The Stony Hill police confirmed that the teen was brought to the station and she filed a report. A police sergeant told THE STAR: "She was assaulted but not raped."

Our news team was told that the police provided clothing for the victim and that their investigation continues.

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