Thieves vandalise Denbigh showground

May 15, 2016
Norman Grant

President of the Jamaica Agriculture Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant, is expressing dismay at the level of vandalism taking place at the JAS showpiece exhibition site ­ The Denbigh Showground ­ in May Pen, Clarendon.

The JAS president says he is shocked and disheartened at the extensive damage and said it will take millions of dollars to effect repairs to the facility to accommodate the upcoming three-day Denbigh Agricultural Show.

“The loss that we sustained here is in excess of $10 million. Vandals have destroyed the Westmoreland pavilion. They have also destroyed the kiddies area and taken equipment from other areas of the facility,” Grant said. “The matter has been reported to the police, however, the JAS is going to take matters definitively and tighten up security on the grounds.”

Grant noted that the showground was important to the agricultural sector and the parish. He warned that, in going forward, no unauthorised person would be allowed on the property.
The opposition senator also argued that as a solution to the perennial problem of vandalism and theft, there are plans to have the facility open and engaged in other year-round activities to increase legitimate traffic and deter criminals.

He also hinted that the society was exploring the idea of levying a security fee on leasees of the showground to offset the impending additional costs associated with the new security arrangements.

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