Clarendon custos joins mosquito fight

May 16, 2016
William Shagoury

Amid heightened concerns about mosquito-borne diseases and the start of the rainy season, Custos of Clarendon William 'Billy' Shagoury donated another two fogging machines to the Clarendon Health Department.

The local aggregate magnate said that chik-V, Zik-V, malaria, yellow fever and dengue are all debilitating diseases, and with the US treating the mosquito problem with such urgency, the local health authority must up the ante to eradicate the population locally.

He argued that the rainy season has contributed to the mosquito population, especially in southern Clarendon, and this poses a serious threat to public health and economic well-being.

"The United States have allocated millions of dollars and human resources... and if we don't do likewise, we run the risk of compromising our public health system," the custos said at the handover ceremony. "Last year, I donated two machines to the department, and today I am giving another two...that is four in total. However, my desire is that the health ministry will ensure that the machines are properly serviced".


Joseph Grant, who heads the Clarendon Health Department, in an expression of gratitude to the custos, said the addition of the two machines will help to bolster the parish's mosquito - reduction endeavours.

Public health specialist Jana-Gaye Taylor re-emphasised the importance of proper garbage disposal and water storage as proactive steps to fighting mosquitoes. She said the new machines will play a significant role in reducing the mosquito population.

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