8-year-old to be buried Sunday

May 24, 2016
Kemeisha Butler

The funeral for former Port Henderson Primary student, eight-year-old Kemeisha Butler, whose death has been clouded with controversy, is set for next Sunday.

Her parents informed THE STAR that their beloved daughter would finally be laid to rest, having secured a suitable funeral package, and after weeks of trying to acquire her body to conduct an independent autopsy. The funeral will be held at the Hellsire Park Seventh-day Adventist Church starting at 10 a.m.

Have not seen autopsy report

Kemeisha died at the Bustamante Hospital for Children on March 8. The cause of death is inconclusive, and her parents said to date they have not seen the official autopsy report.

"Dem only a talk say she had brain tumour. We want the body to do our autopsy," said mother, Neisha Butler, who had reported that Kemeisha was a healthy child with no medical concerns prior to a punishment she received from a schoolteacher. The academically outstanding grade two student was allegedly told to stand and look in the sun with her hands in the air. The Butlers said the day after their daughter was punished, she began experiencing tremendous pain and multiple seizures before she was rushed to hospital where she died

"Dem tek out the entire organ dem out of her body, so we nah go get fi do another post mortem. We nuh know if is the hospital or the funeral parlour weh had the body first. Mi can't believe the pickney a bury with empty shell," father Stephen Butler said, alleging a cover-up.

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