Man killed opposite police headquarters

May 30, 2016

The brazenness of the May Pen criminals was put on full display yesterday when gunmen shot and killed a vendor immediately opposite the Clarendon police divisional headquarters.

The May Pen police said Samuel 'Juvenile' McKenzie, a vendor in his mid-30s, was peddling his wares in the bus park when he was attacked and shot several times.

"This goes to show that these guys don't have any respect for the police. Look where the station is, and look where they murdered the man," an investigator said. "They just shot him and calmly walked away as if it is the most natural thing to do."

He said while the murder occurred in full view of everyone, people are hardly coming forward.

"This is why things like this is perpetrated here every day because everyone becomes temporary blind, while the killers become more and more brazen," the obviously frustrated cop said.

The killing has pushed the division's murder figures to 59 for the year. This is a whopping 31 more persons killed in Clarendon when compared with the corresponding period last year.

This also comes amid initiatives by the division to cauterise the bloodletting with the launch of last week Sunday's faith-based programme, Operation Hope, which the police are hoping will be a game-changer in the parish.

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